Robot vs. Human Connect 4


This project explores the potential for human-robot interaction (HRI) in board games using the ReactorX-200 Robot Arm (RX200) by Trossen Robotics. Specifically, we aimed to develop a method for the RX200 to play Connect-Four against a human player, where the robot is able to recognize the current board state and make the best move in the given situation.


Technologies Used:


We successfully created a human-robot interactable game of Connect-Four. The RX200 is able to efficiently calculate moves with an average time of less than a tenth of a second, due to the drastic reduction in the total time it takes when searching for moves by incorporating a transposition table and MiniMax search algorithm. 

Petri Nets:

A timed fuzzy Petri net was created to test and represent the search algorithm effectively. The Petri net incorporates mathematical principles that prove the reduction in search time during the simulation. The MiniMax algorithm is represented, and each subnet resembles the initial MiniMax Petri net. The goal is to reduce execution time by implementing optimizations. This is shown by the implementation of a transposition table.