Welcome to my project page! Here, you can find information about my past and ongoing projects, showcasing my skills, experience, and hobbies. Learn about the challenges I faced, how I overcame them, and my future plans. I'm constantly updating and working on new projects, so check back regularly. Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback. 

RX200 Connect-Four

This project aimed to develop a method for the RX200 Robot Arm by Trossen Robotics to play Connect-Four against a human player, using computer vision and Petri nets for decision-making. The RX200's physical structure allowed for precise navigation and movement of physical game pieces. By incorporating a transposition table and MiniMax search algorithm, the RX200 efficiently calculated moves with an average time of less than a tenth of a second.

Swim Timer Repair Project

The Swim Timer Repair Project involved restoring a 50-year-old solenoid-driven Colorado timing system used at swim meets. The goal was to restore the timing functions as well as implement a mode where it displays the current time. The result was a fully functional timing and clock system with easy management and accurate timing driven by an Arduino Mega.

Hack-Io-Thon Weather Application

This project involved developing a weather application for the Particle Boron microcontroller using C++ and MATLAB. It features a responsive design and displays current weather conditions, as well as live graphical data from multiple sensors. The application uploads weather data to ThingSpeak and allows users to visualize weather conditions via a live web presentation.